7 Incredible Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Are you looking for a safe and effective skin treatment that can instantly rejuvenate your appearance? A chemical peel is a powerful skin exfoliating solution that is applied to the face, neck, or hands to reveal the soft, clear skin underneath. Here are 7 incredible benefits of a chemical peel that you should know about.1.Chemical peels reduce the appearance of fine lines by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal smoother, healthier skin. Depending on your cosmetic goals, we'll choose between a light, medium or deep chemical peel. During a mild chemical peel treatment, skin will be exfoliated with an alpha or beta hydroxy acid.2.Unlike other peels, which may require more than one treatment, a single deep chemical peel often provides results after one session.

However, you'll need more time (about six to 12 months) to heal after a deep exfoliation.3.Chemical peels can help visibly reduce damage from UV rays. Our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays on a daily basis. While you may not notice a difference in your skin every time you leave home, over time, damage from UV rays builds up and manifests itself as signs of premature aging. Fortunately, chemical peels can help visibly reduce this damage.4.Chemical peels improve mild to moderately severe cases of acne.

Performed in a series of treatments, these peels can give you the clear complexion you've always wanted.5.Chemical peels add volume and increase collagen production. If you've noticed that your skin has a texture that isn't perfect, a chemical peel can improve that texture by adding volume and increasing collagen production.6.Chemical peels allow other skin care products to better penetrate the skin and absorb more efficiently. Bringing home the power of a clinical-grade chemical peel allows you to achieve and maintain similar results from the comfort of home for soft, radiant, brighter and younger-looking skin.7.Chemical peels are personalized treatments that can help change your skin, address problematic skin conditions, and help you get perfect skin, or at least the best. Different types of chemicals cause controlled injury, each penetrating through a different depth of skin and then peeling off to reveal a new layer of skin. At Kate's Skin Health Experts clinics in Los Angeles and New York City, chemical peels are one of the most sought-after anti-aging treatments, and with good reason.

If you're looking for a way to have brighter, clearer, and younger skin, then a chemical peel might be the answer you're looking for.

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